Welcome to Our Practice

Our Attitude toward taking care of families...

...empathy, courtesy, an appropriate sprinkling of humor, and genuinely very personal care

Despite the profound changes in pediatric diagnosis and therapy in pediatric medicine as in all medicine over the many years of our  solo practice, our attitude toward taking care of families has remained very much the same. As we have from the beginning, we make every effort to treat all our patients and their families with empathy, courtesy, an appropriate sprinkling of humor, and generally very personal care.  We try to make scheduling convenient, seeing sick children the same day when desired. Our office still answers phone calls personally rather than with automated menus and recognize how important families regard getting their calls returned is.  We generally return daytime phone calls in a timely manner by either nurse or doctor,  and after-hour calls personally (and usually promptly) as well. For sick baby/child visits, we prescribe medications only when medically justified with an appropriate explanation to the parents. I even still make occasional house calls for patients in my immediate neighborhood.We appreciate the importance of and provide the reassurance that many childhood illnesses require, while trying to also emphasize those indicators (“red flags”) in the course of an illness that might signal increased seriousness and the need to update and assure prompt re-evalution. In summary, we try very hard to combine very current and evidence-based pediatric medicine, with the traditional closeness and communication of doctor and family that has traditionally been such a vital component of the art of medicine.